Free delivery for orders over €200

Free delivery for orders over €200

You will find us in the very heart of Riga, Latvia. Augusts Studio is much more than just a store; it is a destination for those who appreciate style and seek to bring elegance to their living spaces. We are here to help you fill your home with color and liveliness. Your table setting deserves charm and individuality.

Our philosophy

Augusts Studio believes that every home should reflect the personality and taste of its owner. That's why we offer a carefully selected range of colorful, vibrant tableware, stunning table textiles, unique books, and handmade home accessories from renowned European brands. Each item in our collection is not just an object, but a source of inspiration for your lifestyle, thoughtfully chosen to enhance your living environment.

Our Studio

Visit our store to explore a unique selection of exquisite, colorful and joyful tableware and enjoy personalized guidance from our experienced consultants. Augusts Studio presents a fusion of timeless treasures and modern sophistication, offering a truly exceptional shopping experience.

Riga, Latvia

Smilšu iela 14, LV-1050
From Tuesday - Friday 12:00 – 19:00
Saturday 12:00 - 16:00
Monday - Sunday Closed

About me

Elena Uldrika

founder of the company

Enter the enchanting world of Elena Uldrika, where traditions, the art of celebration, hosting, and the allure of exquisite tableware and accessories come together to craft stunning table settings. Drawing inspiration from her travels, the beauty of nature, diverse cultures, art, and even cinema.

Elena shares her philosophy of "living beautifully," offering a treasure trove of table setting ideas and carefully selected tableware designed to spark your imagination. At Augusts Studio, Elena's labor of love, each piece is meticulously chosen, every brand thoughtfully curated to create colorful, joyful and unique collection.

The Masterclass "The Art of Table Setting and Etiquette," curated by Elena, serves as a testament to her expertise. Through her experience and knowledge, she has redefined the standards of table setting aesthetics, inspiring countless individuals along the way. Trained in the "European art of dining" at the esteemed Institut Villa Pierrefeu in Switzerland, Elena holds a profound understanding of table etiquette and setting rules, infusing her work with a blend of tradition and finesse.

Her collaboration with renowned tableware manufacturers has deepened her appreciation for quality, craftsmanship, and the essence of tradition, shaping Elena into a true professional in her field.