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Искусство и мода в «гардеробе» стола

Art and fashion in the wardrobe

Looking for elements related to the tendencies of the table "wardrobe", we turned to Elena Uldrik, a specialist in selecting dishes, an expert in serving and the owner of the concept store of dishes and accessories Augusts Studio.

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Having visited the Maison&Object exhibition in Paris, Elena noted that bright colors (emerald, peach, terracotta and yellow), geometry, flowers, themes of the jungle and magical forest, nature, and ethnic patterns are relevant this year. And everything can and should be mixed to express your uniqueness.

Elizabeth Leriche, the main trendsetter of the exhibition, presented her exposition under the title "What's new", in which she collected the most relevant novelties of this season. In the selection of Elizabeth Leriche, special attention was drawn by ceramic candlesticks in the form of palm trees from Les Ottomans and jugs made of colored Bohemian glass by Klimchi.

The topic of mysticism is relevant like never before. For example, the TARO tableware collection was presented at the exhibition of the French brand waww. Each plate corresponds to a certain Tarot card, and if you download a special application and point the phone's camera at the center of the plate, the beautiful muse will share a prediction with you.

But the most important trend, which was read during all days of the exhibition, is the topic of ecology, the interaction of man and nature, our movement into the future without damage to the ecosystem.

What are the main tendencies that can be distinguished in the dishes and decorations of the current year?

Елена Улдрика: "Art de vivre" remains a global trend, especially the serving that emphasizes the individuality of the hosts of the dinner. There are trends both in fashion and in tableware. oriental designs that will add zest to any table, and if you use the mix and match method, mixing different designs and colors of the dishes, then in the end you will get an especially fashionable table setting.

The brightest and most captivating exposition was presented by the Italian brand Les Ottomans, which embodies the idea of ​​the meeting of East and West, combining elements from different cultures.

Textiles, ceramics, porcelain, trays with wild animals and insects, so much color and texture, so joyful that you want to smile.

What brands should you pay attention to for bolder and brighter serving?

Elena Uldrika: Italian brands have always been the cradle of design and creativity, so for more interesting and unusual dishes, you can go to La Doublej, Les Ottomans, Bitossi Home, Fornasetti, Seletti.

But the king of colorful Italian porcelain remains Ginori 1735. This is a legendary Italian brand that has survived oblivion, and now one of the most popular Italian porcelain manufacturers, for bolder and more colorful solutions, this factory has conquered the hearts of aesthetes all over the world for the last few years.

What can you advise if we want to create a classic style in serving?

Елена Улдрика: If we want to create a more elegant and classic table setting, then I advise you to stop your choice on the proven quality of centuries, choosing large house porcelain with a rich history, for example, the French "white gold" from Limoges by Bernardaud, Raynaud, Haviland, or aristocratic faience from GIEN.

If you like refined English Bone China, then this is definitely Wedgwood - quality in the British style, focus on timeless elegance, and not on fast fashion trends.

Another classic - luxurious German Meissen porcelain. For more than 300 years, the company has been creating porcelain of exceptional quality, famous for its purity. Porcelain products created using a rich heritage manufactory meet the highest standards of exclusivity.

The classic brand Royal Copenhagen is known far beyond Denmark. Thanks to the characteristic blue-white pattern, the royal manufacture manages to maintain its reputation for decades.

A large number of elegant collections can be found at the Japanese manufacturer Noritake.

For more sophisticated connoisseurs of porcelain, the object of desire can be a set from Marie Daâge, «Haute Couture» in the world of porcelain. Marie Daâge is one of the rare porcelain houses that offers exquisite tableware made from Limoges porcelain, which is still 100% hand-painted, in accordance with the traditions of French porcelain of the 18th century.

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